Rod Willis

Rod Willis lives and works in Broseley Wood, and will be opening his studio in Cobwell Road- venue number 7 – for the 2018 Secret Severn Art Week.

He has been a full time professional artist since 1992, having run his own studio galleries in Worcestershire and Ironbridge, and been resident artist at Ironbridge Fine Arts, who he still works along with. He has recently been taken on by Beckstones Art Gallery in Cumbria, one of the finest galleries in the north of England.

The basis of Rod Willis’ artwork has always been his intuitive feel for light, atmosphere and mood, coupled with a natural eye for composition. Whether at first light when low lying mists fill the hollows and valleys before being burnt away, or later in the day when the last embers disappear westward, these are the times which Rod has captured in many of his paintings.

Rod works in two mediums. his watercolours display a subtlety and assured lightness of touch which has proved ideal for capturing translucent light, where often the detail in the painting is conveyed by the merest hint or suggestion.

Rod uses the quality of oil paint to bring a different range of depth and colour into his paintings. His mastery of the medium allow him to capture ephemeral effects such as flickering sunlit reflections on water, or the fierce colours of a sunset and make them appear to burn out of the canvas.

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Facebook page-Rod Willis Art for regular updates and picture progression



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