Nigel Glaze

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To notice something, something about the world outside creates an inner connection; a reflection, a feeling, a thought and a connected story or memory.

I believe act of looking is a complex psychological process; my paintings explore looking and making connections with people and places. Looking whilst mark making generates interactions with memories and stories this then effects the looking.

My desired goal is to inspire those who see my work to connect with the process of looking, being emotionally open, reflecting and noticing.

I’ve always communicated through art however I formally trained over 35 years ago in fine art painting at Falmouth School of Art. Over the years I’ve exhibited throughout the UK. My work integrates the psychological and as a psychotherapist my work resonates with conversations that explore feelings and our inner emotional worlds.

I have an affinity for the medium of oil paint, with its ability to be worked and reworked and layered in such a way to tell another story of the process of making the art work. My work considers many aspects of painting; composition, colour, light, space, texture, gesture, mood, tone, atmosphere and mark making. The painting process becomes for me, a type of relationship overtime; a learning and discovering process, and on reflection a possible metaphor on life’s struggle.

COMMISSIONS:  I would be delighted to take on a commission and create a unique work.



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