Hello Sue, can you start off by introducing your business and detailing the medium you specialise in?

Hi Louise, Sue Chadwick Jewellery is a unique, designer-maker, silver jewellery business. I, Sue, design the collections using a sculptural lost wax casting method to make my creations. I use silver because I love it! And it’s affordable and it reflects all its surrounding colours.

What are you inspired by in your jewellery

Wildlife, natural forms, flora and fauna. I love contrasts! Rough textured bark next to a smooth soft leaf. Hardy sharp thorns next to a delicate flower. I love and am so inspired by the changing landscapes. New growth, harvesting, wildflowers inhabiting all. 

Where will you be exhibiting during Secret Severn, and what can we expect when we visit? 

I will have my main collection in the wonderful Footprints Gallery, Fusion Jackfield and I will also have a collection in a glass cabinet at the open studio of Jan Park Art in Fusion.


How long have you been involved in Secret Severn Art and why is being part of it important? 

I have been part of Secret Severn Art for a few years. Firstly sharing space with Sandy Densem in her original unit at Maws, and then her home. In 2020 I was part of the Jackfield Village Hall pop up studio which was great fun. In 2021 and 2022 I have made the Footprints Gallery my main exhibition space with an extra display (which is permanent) at Jan Park Art, Fusion. 

Why is an event like Secret Severn important to the regional art scene? 

It is such an inspiring focal point for the Summer, and for the year. Not only for the artists but those I have spoken to when handing out brochures or leaflets this year were so delighted to be reminded of the Secret Severn Art event because they have so enjoyed and been uplifted by previous years exhibitions. So The Secret Severn Art brings joy, it brings exposure to Shropshire’s new and existing wonderful talent and many new client customer relationships are forged. 

For someone who is new to Secret Severn, what are your top tips for visiting? 

Prepare to be dazzled! Have fun, take your time, try and experience all the venues. Perhaps starting with the Footprints Gallery will give you a melting pot of most of the artists on the trail and if you are being drawn to a few artists you can then find out if they are also at another venue and then go and explore those other venues and chat to the artist. 

Thank you!

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