Hello, Sarah, thank you for taking the time to speak to us today. Can you start of by telling us about you and your work?

I am an Art teacher and Artist living and working in Shropshire. I am interested in the local landscape and architecture and in particular the use of layers both material and compositionally, that encourage the viewer to look through and beyond. I teach full time in a Secondary School and love the challenge and variety of working with creative young people!

What medium do you work in and how would you describe the work you exhibited at Secret Severn this year?

I enjoy working in acrylic paint. The work I submitted for Secret Severn was based on local landmarks including the Ironbridge and Buildwas Abbey. I also submitted a range of more abstract prints based on the Welsh coast and natural forms. 

Is this your first time exhibiting with Secret Severn? If so, what inspired you to include your work and take part?

This is my first time exhibiting with Secret Severn. I have visited the exhibition in the past, and this year I got up the courage to submit some work for the first time!

How was the experience of being part of Secret Severn for you?

The experience was brilliant for me as I met so many talented artists and got so much good advice to take me forward with my practise. I have really enjoyed stewarding at the event and talking to visitors about what they enjoyed and where they came from.

Why are art shows such as Secret Severn so important, both for the individual artist and for the art scene regionally and nationally?

I think it is really important to celebrate local Art talent and to represent the region further afield. There is a thriving arts and crafts community in Shropshire, so I am really proud to be able to be a part of it. Commercially exhibitions like Secret Severn are so important for the individual artist and a showcase for Art in and around the Gorge.

Outside of Secret Severn, how can people discover more of your work?

I am on Instagram artsk_81

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