We are on the final countdown now until Secret Severn Art 2022, so we spoke to one of our featured artists, Sandy Densem, about her work and her involvement in this year’s art exhibition and open studios.

1.    Hello, Sandy, thank you for taking the time to speak to me. Can you introduce your business and detail the medium you specialise in?

I am a mixed media artist, working mainly in acrylics, incorporating layers of collage and print  to build up the painting surface, and create a sense of depth and history within the work. 

2.    What are you inspired by in your art?

My inspiration comes from the world around me; the colours, textures and shapes trigger my response. My work is moving more and more into abstraction but the starting point is always something tangible. 

3.    Where will you be exhibiting during Secret Severn, and what can we expect when we visit?

For this year’s Secret Severn exhibition, I will be showing my latest flower paintings, and a couple of landscapes, all in the Footprints gallery. 

4.    How long have you been involved in Secret Severn Art and why is being part of it important? 

I have been involved in Secret Severn since the very beginning, in fact the first ever meeting was held in my studio at Maws!  From the onset we wanted to showcase the fabulous talent in the Gorge since there are very few local galleries in which to exhibit. All the artists involved take the annual exhibition seriously and we are proud of the high standard of work and curation of the exhibition. Mark your calendar, this is a show that’s definitely worth going to!

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