Hello, Jan, thank you for taking the time to speak to me. Can you start of by introducing your business and detailing the medium you specialise in?

I originally trained in contemporary textile design, I followed this with a BA in Wood Metal & Plastics. Drawing, painting and writing form the basis of all design and now most of my work is painted, I still love textures, I build texture and layers in my paintings. I mostly use acrylic but will happily add textiles or other media if the work dictates that. My writing is inspired by emotional experiences in places and this is often incorporated into the work, often it’s unseen, as it may be written on the canvas as the first layer, although sometimes a glimpse of lettering can be found within the work.

What are you inspired by in your art?

The natural world, landscape and the emotional and atmospheric response to surroundings. Colour is vitally important in telling the story within my work. I love to travel to new places to record and absorb the life and culture of the place.

Where is your studio based and what can we expect when we visit?

My studio is at Fusion, right next to the Jackfield Tile Museum. You can expect to see a lot of my work on display, watch me working, and browse through my sketchbooks. Feel at home!

How long have you been involved in Secret Severn Art and why is being part of it important?

I have been involved for the past 6 years and in the past 4 have been vice chair and curator of the show. It’s a vitally important event in the art calendar for Shropshire.

What will your involvement in Secret Severn be? What will you be exhibiting?

I will be exhibiting a new collection of work inspired by my recent travels to Portugal and Morocco.

Why is an event like Secret Severn important to the regional arts scene?

Shropshire is a somewhat disjointed county with the focus seeming to be largely on the larger towns of Shrewsbury, Oswestry, ludlow. We are on the edge of Telford which doesn’t even have an Art Gallery of its own, so our event pulls in may local visitors as well as people who travel back each year to see our show.

For someone who is new to Secret Severn, what are your top tips for visiting?

I’d say take your time to wander round the show, visit more than once, chat with the artists.

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