Maisie Parkes

My name is Maisie, I am 24 and I’m an illustrator. I am passionate about creating imagery based on the small and simple things in life such as growing plants, botanics, wildlife and getting lost outdoors. I also have two cockapoo puppies called Chester and Oscar who keep me company at home while I draw away.

I studied illustration at the Arts University in Bournemouth and since graduating I have created work using a combination of hand drawn and digital skills however I have focused my practice more recently on hand carving my designs onto Lino and printing them to make unique and one off prints.

Maisie Parkes Mushroom
Maisie Parkes Lino4

Having moved more towards hand carving my illustrations into lino blocks, my focus has shifted more on the process of creating my work and the craftsmanship that goes into it. I am heavily influenced and constantly inspired by nature and the outdoors which is reflected within my work. I like to keep my work simple and in black and white to draw focus to the simplistic shapes and patterns as apposed to colours or textures.


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