Maggie Humphry

Royal Cambrian Academy

Royal Birmingham Society of Artists

Maggie was a successful ceramicist from her early twenties through to the end of the Millennium. She has many ceramic murals in Britain and abroad, and her distinctive smaller pieces exhibited in leading ceramics galleries. Over the past 15 years or so, Maggie has concentrated on drawing and painting. She’s constantly working with different approaches and experimenting with different media. She also ventured into print making, but she much prefers the excitement and challenge of painting and drawing. Every work takes her many, many hours (some take weeks, or months) of changing, tweaking, experimenting, adding and removing. Her paintings range from the representational (with strong hints of Impressionism) to the almost-abstract. Some of her more recent landscapes have been inspired by Housman’s poems: “A Shropshire Lad”, and by such artists as Graham Sutherland, Peter Lanyon, and Peter Joyce.



Let sleeping dogs lie.

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