I am an illustrator specialising in storytelling and folklore themes

What I do

I work for the History press and individual storytellers to make visible and bring to life characters and themes from the rich oral tradition of both this country and places further afield

What inspires me

I am inspired by stories and the way they speak to our hearts as well as our experience of the world. also the natural (and the supernatural) world I inhabit and which also inhabits me

Why I do it

I have a wish to show others what I can see when I close my eyes and listen to Stories, a love of the process of making the imaginary real, because I can’t not do it….

My work this year

I am working on an exciting commissioned piece which will come to fruition next year as well as my continuing freelance work for the History Press.

email kcaddick@aol.com tel:01952883009

facebook https://www.facebook.com/KatherineSoutarArtist

twitter kate_dancingcat

intsagram katdoodling

My NEW book ‘Painting the Tales’

will be published on June 1st 2018, and as well as being available from the History press themselves and most major booksellers It can also be pre-ordered from me on here. katherinesoutarillustration.com

Please email kcaddick@aol.com The price is £25 plus postage and I am happy to ship to anywhere in the world.

All copies bought direct from me will be signed and can also be dedicated on request. The first 100 copies I send out will also include some little extra surprise as a token of my thanks.

Katherine Soutar
Katherine Soutar

Katherine Soutar
Katherine Soutar
Katherine Soutar
Katherine Soutar

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