Please note, all work must be delivered to Footprint Gallery, Fusion on Monday 4th September 2023 between 10am – 12 noon. Please unwrapped all work on delivery and take away all packing materials. We will aim to hang a minimum of 6 pieces of ORIGINAL (no prints) work for each artist but depending on size we are often able to hang more. Prints are allowed in browsers. 3D works will be displayed accordingly. Jewellers will be asked to arrange their own display..                        


Curation will begin in the afternoon and the decision of the layout is at the curators discretion.  All work must be professionally framed (where appropriate) and have a suitable wire/cord for hanging. Any work delivered without hanging wires or badly framed will be rejected. 

Table top displays – We have limited table top space for ceramics, jewellery, etc, please ensure that all items are clearly labelled. Greeting Cards –there are limited spaces on spinners but we will endeavour to display as many cards as possible. Print Browsers, bring your own- we have a limited amount of space for print browsers and will do our best to accommodate but we ask that browsers are not overfilled. Please note; we may not be able to hang everything that is delivered and we reserve the right to reject pieces that do not meet the description supplied in your application. In the case of wall space being full, we will store extra works in the holding area and as pieces sell, we will replace with works held in storage. Once delivered, work CANNOT be removed, this is unprofessional and causes confusion with our records 

ALL WORK must have 2 labels attached with your name, title of the work, price. Wall art must have one on the back and one on the front of the work. All 3D work must be clearly labeled and priced. Business cards and postcards will be displayed in a central area of the gallery, many visitors picked up details at last years show and we know some artists have been contacted after the exhibition, so please take advantage of this marketing opportunity. We have a small quantity of stands for this. Max size is A6 please.

The exhibition and open studios will close at 5:00 pm on the last day when breakdown will commence. Please note that NO work to be removed before 5PM on the final day of the show. Please bring your own packaging for breakdown, we cannot be held responsible for packing items.

All artists must have their own public liability insurance cover. A photocopy of your certificate must be left with your work. We cannot accept work without proof of cover.

Secret Severn will take 20% commission to cover admin and card processing costs of ALL work sold at the exhibition. Payments to artists will be made by BACS transfer within 10 days of the end of the trail.

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