The Secret Severn Art trail features both new and well established artists in and around the Ironbridge Gorge.

The next Trail will be 28th September – 7th October 2018


  1. Good Afternoon,

    I am contacting you from Ironbridge Fine Arts as a couple of our resident artists have told us about your Art Trail in Ironbridge on the 9-11th September. As an Art Gallery that have supported and promoted local Artists and raised the profile of Art within the Ironbridge Gorge for the past 12 years we had hoped that we might be involved with the Art trail.

    Can you point me in the direction of the correct person to speak to about the Art Trail so that we can learn more?

    We look forward to hearing from you

  2. Hi,
    I am a local artist living in Madeley. Richard Childs gave me your flyer today. I was wondering if it is still possible to be a part of this event and how I could go about this please?
    Kindest Regards,
    Heidi Magdalen.

  3. Hi

    I have some art pieces (vinyl art) in Jackfield Studio, but I have several more that I have made. Would it be possible to join in on the art trail as a new artist? If so, is there a cost involved?

  4. Are there specific events at each venue or do you just pop along at any time?Mart

  5. Hi, will there be a secret seven event 2017 ? I am also an artist and wondered more about local involvement. Regards Polly.

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