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Hello, My name is Tim Croton and I’m a Shropshire based published photographer and my main interest is in capturing our Industrial Heritage evoking a sense of atmosphere and to a degree nostalgia in both monochrome and colour.I was born in 1963 and as a child growing up in the UK during this period with all the social and economic changes taking place as well as living under the constant threat of the “Cold War” the reality was a far cry from being a memorable experience it has to be said! My interest in photography started when I was young and due to my mum owning a Kodak Instamatic which I found fascinating and at the same time with it’s optional flash cube somewhat intriguing! Many a shot was taken with this camera on holidays to Wales and family occasions.After secondary education I attended Shrewsbury College of Art on a two year foundation course and following on from this graduated at Lanchester (Coventry) Polytechnic in 1985 where I studied Graphic Communication. Photography featured prominently at both institutions back in the days of film and I spent far too long in the darkroom!
Fast forwarding to the recent past, I pursued a career in the commercial print industry, firstly learning my trade as a magazine layout artist and then jumped ship to enter the frantic world of prepress print production.In the Autumn of 2015 I decided to focus (no pun intended!) on my photography and publishing my own work.
The main themes that run through my work is a kind of celebration of the thousands upon thousands of people who worked within British Industry in the 19th & 20th centuries. What they built was considered functional at the time but also it was cutting edge technology of the day.
I attempt to explore this incredible story of toil and precision engineering which culminates in what the British Isles are today.

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Basically, it’s about capturing detail and atmosphere through not only taking the photograph in the first place but equally in the post processing stage where I attempt to create a unique piece of artwork which hopefully provides a pleasing and different style at what I consider is at an affordable price point in comparison to the more conventional images which are massed produced.

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