I am interested in nature and animals and the relationship between animals and humans that so often pushes animals to one side. Britain and of course Shropshire are rich with native wildlife; animal lives who live alongside us but also struggle to survive when human paths cross theirs. I am fascinated by the universe and concepts of interconnectedness, how we connect with the universe, each other and the animal kin on our planet, our environment and the trouble it is in. I often work with pencil and pen and ink, I love the immediacy and spontaneity of these media. I also work with digital toolsRead More →

I am an illustrator specialising in storytelling and folklore themes What I do I work for the History press and individual storytellers to make visible and bring to life characters and themes from the rich oral tradition of both this country and places further afield What inspires me I am inspired by stories and the way they speak to our hearts as well as our experience of the world. also the natural (and the supernatural) world I inhabit and which also inhabits me Why I do it I have a wish to show others what I can see when I close my eyes and listenRead More →

Coming from a fashion and textiles background I love colour and pattern. Cutting lino, building up layers, seeing what is evolving, it’s mostly planned, but with some lovely surprises along the way. By hand burnishing no two prints come out the same. I have a studio/gallery down at Maws. Linocut printmaking. email hazelbmcn@gmail.com web hazelmcnab.com mob 07791190171 facebook Hazel McNab Art instagram hazelmcn BA Fashion & Textiles St Martins MA Fashion & Textiles University of Central England see the story of ‘Pheasantries’ here hazelmcnab bearRead More →