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Lisa Jay

Lisa Jay - Paperworker

I’m a freelance designer maker working principally with paper.

My work combines designing, cutting and manipulating paper to create beautiful handmade pieces for both commercial and private clients. Recently my work has advanced to projects for photo shoots and window displays, areas that I’m enjoying and am excited to develop.

Somewhat a late bloomer, I graduated in 2016 with a degree in Visual Communication, but I’ve been making and creating forever. Over time, I’ve developed an appreciation for traditional craft and artisan methods, which has ultimately led to me finding my ‘paper’ place.

I live and work in Shropshire and when not at my desk designing, cutting or sticking, I can be found enjoying life with my husband and our two mini people, listening to Folk or eating Pick ’n Mix… in no particular order.

Lisa Jay Rose1
Lisa Jay Flower
Lisa Jay Pink Flower

Every piece I create is individually hand-cut with a scalpel, with great attention to detail, to create delicate decorative pieces that can be enjoyed and treasured. Much of my papercut art is figurative, focussing mainly on women and female emotion, whilst the recent exploration into paper flowers brings a new and naturalistic element to my work.

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