Jenny Gunning

Jenny Gunning - Etchings & Gallery Owner

Jenny us a passionate Printmaker and gallery owner. Her enthusiasm and drive for Fine Art is remarkable and is immediate and apparent from the moment you set foot inside Ironbridge Fine Arts and Framing which is situated at the birthplace of the industrial revolution and the banks of the River Severn.

As a specialist printmaker Jenny works with many different materials ranging from metal to wood to textiles and plastic. She loves creating etchings of all sized and used a wide variety of colour, pigments and paper depending on what emotions are present and the reaction that she wants to create from the subject she is capturing. Jenny’s work is in many private and public collections across the glove and she has many collections of work available to purchase.

In this new series of work from Jenny you can see that she still loves to work big and challenge herself with both new ways of creating marks, tones and texture but also with the paces she is choosing to visit, draw and then make etchings and prints of.

Jenny has many collections of work available. The editions from each plate are small as Jenny likes to then cancel the plate and sell the Artwork in its own right.

Jenny Gunning Prints
Jenny Gunning- The Ironbridge
Jenny Gunning The Iron Bridge

Jenny runs weekly printmaking workshops at the Gallery and also goes onsite to schools, Universities and private studios passionately promoting the incredible Art of printmaking in all its forms.

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