Jayne Humphreys - Brooch Cancer

Jayne Humphreys

Jayne Humphreys

My name is Jayne Humphreys I have been creating since a young girl. My grandmother Lavinia home taught me a lot of the basic traditional crafts. I have continued since then adapting along the way and developing my own personal style.
Free form embroidery is my main line of work. Old flower book illustrations and my love of nature are the main source of my embroidery work. Sketching during my woodland walks through the various seasons inspires me greatly. Most of my work features herbs, woodland and wild flowers.
I currently sell my work online and also a retail outlet.

Jayne Humphreys - Brooch grow
Jayne Humphreys - Brooch Cancer

I am a textile artist Inspired by the changing seasons and my woodland walks. Here I sketch and gather wild flowers for my creations. Herbs, woodland and wild flowers feature mainly in my embroidery work. I use free form embroidery which I find creates a more natural approach to the piece I am working on. Generally hand stitching is used throughout.
Recycled linens from the past that I have gathered over time into quite a collection are used as I like the quality and feel of them and they work well creating the look which I am striving for – used but timeless.
Fabrics are also hand dyed with plants that are available at the time or from my own herb patch adding another element of nature to them.
The use of previous materials and the practise of hand dyeing creates a newly stitched piece for someone else to cherish and enjoy. This is really the ethos of what I am about.
My work is a celebration of the changing seasons which I embrace within my embroidered creations.





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