Heidi Magdalen

Heidi Magdalen
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Heidi Magdalen.
I have been living in the Telford area for 10 years now but I grew up in the Welsh mountains with very few modern distractions, I soon developed a vivid imagination and an inherent need to try to record my minds meanderings.
I use a technique called ‘Automatism ‘ first developed by the Surrealists in the early part of the twentieth century. It is to create without conscious self censorship. The images appear projected on to the clay or page. I just have to keep it truthful and try not to control the image too much, just to create exactly as I see. This keeps the images unique and less influenced than if I used a more conscious mind to create. The whole process interests me as I’m never entirely sure what will emerge.
I paint in either watercolour or acrylics.
The images explore the psychological and physiological aspects of human nature and the constraints society or the mortality of the body can impose.
You can contact me via my Facebook page facebook.com/heidimagdalen or by email heidi@heidimagdalen.com

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