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Elena Cassidy-Smith

Elena Cassidy-Smith

The Mystery at The Maws

Elena Cassidy-Smith

Join mystery tour guide Gladys Potter at Maws Craft Centre for an insight into an alternative trail of Ironbridge and the surrounding area. Gladys will take you on an immersive storytelling ‘tour’ of the local region, with clues, red herrings and a grand reveal. A limited edition artist’s map will help you navigate the various interventions on the trail. This playful and engaging performance will run on Saturday 9th September and Sunday 17th September, 11am, 12.30pm and 2pm. The performance is suitable for all ages and is free to attend.

Elena is a live and visual artist whose work is concerned with site responsive or site contextual situations that are sensitive to time, place and people. Her work often examines the overlooked or obscure, tapping into oral histories, collective understandings or forgotten truths. She creates narrative interventions which invite audiences to participate, comment and create. Her work often sets up humorous paradoxes in the everyday and mundane and seeks to be a playful intervention in unexpected places.



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