I graduated from Staffordshire University with a BA(Hons) in Graphic Design. I currently work at Madeley Academy teaching Art. Whilst I enjoy a variety of mediums in art, I especially enjoy using drypoint etching and mixed media to create prints that include strong line, bright colour and texture. I enjoy experimenting with working on different papers and fabric as this affects the media used in the print. I usually focus on portrait (human or animal) but I have also done still life and landscapes. I work from images that catch my attention due to colour or composition and allow me to use a range ofRead More →

I am interested in nature and animals and the relationship between animals and humans that so often pushes animals to one side. Britain and of course Shropshire are rich with native wildlife; animal lives who live alongside us but also struggle to survive when human paths cross theirs. I am fascinated by the universe and concepts of interconnectedness, how we connect with the universe, each other and the animal kin on our planet, our environment and the trouble it is in. I often work with pencil and pen and ink, I love the immediacy and spontaneity of these media. I also work with digital toolsRead More →