Andrew McIntyre Artist From an early age the River Severn has been a place of fun, Employment and reflection. I can recall many memories swimming and enjoying the water with friends and family as well as working on the Iron bridge tour boat and now in later years with my own family, my wife and two sons. I have always had a healthy respect for the River Severn as well as being continually fascinated by its ever changing beauty and the power of the flood water. My work Explores a mixed media, layered approach building up surfaces over a period of time. My workRead More →

Maggie Cameron Artist and Art teacher Maggie Cameron has lived and worked locally for the past 15 years. Her latest work can be seen as a series of thoughts and meditations which touch upon issues such as the environment, identity, beauty and the journey of life. The recurring symbols of the nautilus shell, the spiral, the wave and the circular form help to serve as reminders of this journey as well as becoming motifs which indicate repetition, protection or encasement. Her series of mixed media pieces also aim to explore meaning through process, often using found, discarded or torn objects or papers to investigate bothRead More →

Who I am Katherine Soutar (Caddick) I am an illustrator specialising in storytelling and folklore themes What I do I work for the History press and individual storytellers to make visible and bring to life characters and themes from the rich oral tradition of both this country and places further afield What inspires me I am inspired by stories and the way they speak to our hearts as well as our experience of the world. also the natural (and the supernatural) world I inhabit and which also inhabits me Why I do it I have a wish to show others what I can see whenRead More →

Sandy Densem Vibrant, colourful paintings in oils and mixed media. 01952 876417 07801413757 f.Sandy Densem Winter I paint in oils, acrylics and mixed media.  I also teach drawing and painting, and my purpose is to help people find their own creativity.Read More →