Andrew McIntyre

Andrew McIntyre


From an early age the River Severn has been a place of fun,

Employment and reflection. I can recall many memories swimming and enjoying the water with friends and family as well as working on the Iron bridge tour boat and now in later years with my own family, my wife and two sons. I have always had a healthy respect for the River Severn as well as being continually fascinated by its ever changing beauty and the power of the flood water.

My work Explores a mixed media, layered approach building up surfaces over a period of time. My work is best described as a combination of chaos and control ranging from traditional media such as, drawing, painting, photography, printing through to experimental acid reactive paints containing natural iron fragments, reflective of the Gorges industrial heritage.

I graduated with a Fine art Degree from the University of central England in Birmingham. I taught as a passionate fine art Lecturer for 15 years at TCAT college in wellington leaving this to concentrate more on own art path and be a stay at home dad. Now living on the Welsh borders I am now only a five minute walk to the River and so my work continues..with impromptu paddling and stone throwing.



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