Welcome to the Secret Severn Art Trail!

Friday 28th September to Sunday 7th October 2018 - 10am to 5pm daily

There’s a lot of talented artists in the Ironbridge Gorge area and we want to show you what we’ve been up to…
As artists we just want to spend as much time as possible being creative. On our own we’re not good at showing off our work, but in a group the infectious enthusiasm spreads encouraging each other to shine.
Our Art trail began because there isn’t one here. They’re all over the country, and we wanted our own to shout about our local talents. We want to give you a week of inspiration and encourage you to get creative. Look at our Workshop page to see our selection of FREE workshops available. To help us with numbers please make sure to add to cart if you’re interested.

Quick look Events Diary.

29th Sept – Balanceo pop up  with empanadas at The Tile Press

30th Sept – Sunday Brunch Live with ‘Duo from the Hot Jazz Biscuits’ at the Green Wood Cafe.

Pipe cleaner workshop at Maws.

1st Oct – print taster workshop at Maws

2nd Oct – Sketching workshop at Severn Gorge Countryside Trust.

Photography workshop at Six Seasons Gallery at Maws.

Da Vinci Vegetarian & Vegan Pop Up, the Tile Press, Maws

3rd Oct – printing workshop at Severn Gorge Countryside Trust

4th Oct – ink workshop at Severn Gorge Countryside Trust

5th Oct –Street Food Night with ‘Plantkind’at the Green Wood Cafe

7th Oct – end of trail courtyard party at Maws



Useful to know Six Seasons Gallery for framing and Smith York Fine Art for printing.